Work At Home Business Solution
What Will Your Business Do? 

This "work at home business solution" page could just start out with my list of great make money at home ideas.  But before we do that let’s think about what kinds of businesses are the best candidates for YOU to start.  These are the kinds of businesses that you stand the best chance of making a success with.  This especially depends on your interests, the things you like to do.  Even if something you like doing is not popular or has negatives like being stinky or dangerous, you will probably be most successful with the things you like to do.

If you have already decided what kind of business you want to start then skip this section and go to the next section How will you operate your business?

A first way of developing a work at home business solution is to make a few lists.  This method helps you pull a decision from your current knowledge.  Get a paper tablet and pen or use your computer pad/tablet or laptop.  Write down skills gained from prior work, hobbies, recreational activities, and especially activities you enjoy.  Make a listing of startup business ideas you have already considered and that are still of interest to you.  You can come back to these lists over days or weeks and add to or refine them.

After you have made enough list entries you may see one or more items that point to interesting businesses.  At this point you may want to just pick out one of these interesting businesses.  You can certainly do that, but if you are like me it will be necessary to “prove” to yourself that one of your ideas is best.  And also prove to yourself that it can be a success.

One way to prove this to yourself is by using a Decision Matrix.  Using a DM is an organized way of comparing multiple choices, each with a variety of attributes.

Attributes in this case can include Your Personal Interest, Cost of Entry, Growth Prospects, Competition (competitors), Profitability Potential, Market Viability (demand), etc. 

The simplest DM layout is to make a column of ideas and then to list attributes across a top row.  Then you can rate whether your listed ideas are favorable for each attribute by MAKING A CHECK MARK in each attribute column, out from the column of ideas for a home business.

Decision Matrix Example
to help find a work at home business solution

A more detailed DM can include a numerical rating of each attribute instead of just making a check mark.  An example is shown below.

You may go through this somewhat formal Decision Matrix and then go with your gut instinct.  Nothing really wrong with that!  As long as you can also say that the attributes, especially cost of entry, growth and profit potential, are reasonable for that business idea.

A Search
for a work at home business solution

A second way of getting ideas for a home business is to gather ideas from internet search engines, current publications and books (both print and online).  This may find some cutting-edge or futuristic business ideas.  You may also end up with ideas that are too costly for you to use to start a new business.  You can seek information from the following sources and again make lists.  Many are free, but some charge for their information.  Some sources I recommend are:

Google for future trends, cutting edge technology, money making ideas, etc.

Also try other search engines like Bing, Yahoo,,,, and others.  Scirus is a specialized search engine that offers comprehensive scientific research.

Major world newspapers such as The New York Times, especially Business and Technology sections; The London Times, and others.

For future technology and trends go to Futurist Update, Future Technology Portal, FutureTimeline, Youtube, World Future Trends, Fast Company’s Co.DESIGN, with Co.EXIST, and Co.CREATE.

There are many more sources, depending on your interests.

Public and college libraries often give free-to-you access to their subscription online sources and free downloadable books.

Also check franchises and businesses for sale online at,,,,, or just for ideas, costs and other attributes.  Again, make lists of business ideas and sort by using the DM methods described above.

Be sure to return to when you have finished exploring ideas on the web and you are ready to continue with your own ideas for a home business. 

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