Web Site Marketing Solution

Your web site marketing solution begins with creating a web site no matter what type of business you plan to start or are currently operating. 

Even if you run a traditional out-of-home service business where your contact is made entirely by phone, you will probably benefit from at least a bare-bones web site. You can pay to have a web site set up for you, or do it yourself with the help of a web site hosting company.

If setting up a web site yourself is not practical, or you feel it is beyond your experience, or you just don’t have the time, consider hiring it done. There are many independent contractors that make their living doing this. 

To find and independent web master look at a web site of your competition, or web site you admire. At this site drop to the bottom lines of the home page and scan for the web site builder’s company or name, so you can contact them.

Steps of a web site marketing solution

This list below can be used as the basis of a marketing plan. You can get started now on selecting and implementing this web site marketing solution. The items or steps are roughly in order of importance. You may need to modify these items to suit the type of business you operate or plan to operate.

1. Set up a web site. A “recipe” for setting up a simple business site is Business Internet Startup. Start with a  home page that introduces your business, lists your products or services, and gives contact information. This can be expanded to multiple pages as you progress with it.

2. Showcase and provide presentations for sales of your own products.  This can be in the form of a catalog, if you have multiple products. Install the necessary means for collecting payment online. If you don’t sell actual products, but instead provide customized services see 13 below.

3. Create “pop shop” pages on your site for any “drop ship” client product manufacturers and distributors.

4. Set up outside sales sites with EBay, Amazon, Craigslist, Overstock.com, Ecrater.com, Etsy and others that may be appropriate for your products.

5. Include a blog in your web site to build interest in the site and to collect a base of email addresses. Post articles and tips.

6. Develop a newsletter.  Send your newsletter to your collected email addresses. Offer discounts and coupons in addition to information about your products.

7. Set up a business Facebook page and continually update it.

8. Set up a Google+ account and maintain it.

9. Set up LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and other social media accounts.

10. Start an affiliate marketing program. In this form of marketing you become an affiliate of another business, such as Amazon. You provide or allow advertising on your web site that directs your web site visitor to the site of the business. You are paid by the business when your visitor goes to that business site, or makes a purchase.

11. Advertise your business on local and wider-market bulletin boards.

12. Include your site address on all your emails, business cards, advertising and any other material.

13. Turn your information or services business into a product by writing a helpful book or other publication that you can sell.

You can see that our web site marketing solution has many details.  Notice also that maintaining many of these details requires constant updating.  You will need to visit your social marketing sites, web pages and other locations in the course of your marketing efforts.

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