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This page discusses how to find a great web business for sale. You may find that searching online helps you decide on what type of business to operate. Within an online business listing you can usually get some idea of the asking price of the business, its revenue or gross (dollars of sales per year), sellers net (the amount that the seller receives from the business each year), and other aspects of the business.

Here are several business for sale sites you can search that offer all kinds of businesses for sale.





You can also search the internet for “businesses for sale”, “internet business for sale”, “web business for sale”, and “online business for sale”, etc. Or, you can be more precise if you are sure of the exact type of online business you are looking for, such as: “online car rental business for sale”.

In addition, internet business for sale ads may appear in your local newspaper classifieds under “businesses for sale”. You can also phone or search local business brokers to find out whether they have any interesting businesses in their inventory. 

When you find an interesting business for sale you can contact the sales site for more information. You will have to register with the site for detailed information. When examining the information about a potential company to purchase, take careful note of exactly what is being offered for sale.  Internet businesses can be tricky to evaluate: some are just a concept, not an established site with ongoing business. You must determine exactly what you are receiving for your money. 

The sales of most small businesses are termed asset sales (instead of the sale of the shares of stock of a company). Asset sales are good because they are generally less complicated than buying the stock of a company. 

See business buying process for details about the sequence of events you will go through when you buy a business.

If you are interested in getting information about franchised online businesses, please go to online business franchise.

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