Starting A Online Business

Starting a online business is a specialization of our more general section Starting a Business from Home. This online section is for starting a business that is MOSTLY ONLINE or with an online presence that is essential for the business. If you want a home business that is mostly offline or offsite, then go to the page Starting a Business From Home.  We are using the phrase “starting A online business” because that is a popular online search.

The magic of an online business can be:

  • Simplicity of having no physical facility (store) for customers
  • Freedom from depending on employees
  • Ease of using or expressing your creativity
  • Ability to easily tailor the business to your own interests
  • Convenience of easily moving physical location of operations
  • Access to customers all around planet earth

The 3 main kinds of online sites or businesses are:

  • Purely informational, with affiliate businesses and sponsored advertising
  • Selling your own or another’s products
  • Promoting your own or another’s services

Begin Starting A Online Business

As with any new business you will need to decide on something that will help your customers and also interest you. You can get information about brainstorming and deciding on any home business, including an online business, by using the methods in Starting a Business from Home (on this website) and by reading and working through the online business links at the end of this page.

Resources for Starting A Online Business

You will need to match your interests to the demand of the internet for specific keywords. A keyword is composed of one or more actual words. The demand and supply for a keyword used on the internet is very important in determining how strong the web-based part of your business will be.

You can begin checking the demand of keywords by going to Google Keyword Planner, or Wordtracker, or using a complete service like Solo Build It! (SBI!). Ignoring the supply and demand for the keywords that you use to build your site pages is a big mistake. 

Go to Business Internet Startup for step by step instructions for setting up an internet startup.

Be sure to take a look at the page Work At Home Business Solution and the links from that page. There you can go through an organized process of finding and deciding on the theme for an online business. 

More information on Starting A Online Business

One of the first places to look for inspiration is our list of Best Online Businesses.  You may also find Part Time Internet Business helpful.  These two pages are easy to look at and can give you some ideas.

Don't miss the additional pages that will help you get started.  They are Business Directories Online and How To Work Online.