Buying An Online Business Franchise

Online business franchises are a type of the more general category business franchises. You can find information here to locate and purchase an online franchise. 

Some of the most notable business franchises are McDonalds and Subway, although these are of course not the online type of business franchises. A franchise business has a business model that is the same for each business that is franchised. The offering of franchises is a way that a company can expand in size and territory. When you buy a franchise you will sign a franchise agreement that spells out the responsibilities of both you and the franchisor.  You will be obligated to operate the business according to the rules of the franchisor.

Online franchises appear in the same websites as other types of businesses for sale. My favorite business and franchise search sites are:

The following web sites have sales information specifically about franchise businesses, including online franchises:,, and You can also check with local brokers, in newspapers and with other business advertisers.  Also, search online for “franchises”, “franchise for sale”, etc.  If you are interested in a specific type of franchise, then search precisely for that.

Also, consider that you can buy a new franchise and set it up from scratch (the usual offering of a franchisor), or you can buy an existing franchise business that is already operating. The purchase of an existing franchise business will probably require the approval of the franchisor.

Some recently listed online business franchises are listed below. One or more of these may appeal to you. Search for examples of these businesses in the linked sites above.

Child development

Commercial finance

Credit repair/Debt restructuring consultant

Drug test consultant

Email advertising

Franchise business consultant  

Insurance agency (home-based)  

IT consultant

Mail advertising

Online casino

Online green and efficiency program

Online pet supply

Medical billing  

Mobile guide business

Personal development consultant

Restaurant advertising consultant

Staffing, recruiting, background screening  

Thinking skills training

Travel agency


Weight loss

Go to business financing for information on obtaining financing for your prospective business. Some franchises are SBA (US Small Business Administration) approved for financing.

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