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Employment in the Home Office

This page looks primarily at home office jobs associated with your own home based business. A home office job employs you in your own home office. The boss is you. We focus here on the home office aspect of a home business, even though you may have a production area in another part of your place. 

Home businesses of all types usually have a dedicated room or a nook in the home that functions as a home office.

A home based business can be online, onsite, or offsite. In this section we help you look for a business that is mostly operated in a home office, so it can be online and will also be onsite. Online businesses are ideal for this type of operation.

You can review and decide on the best home office job for yourself by following the Starting a Business from Home section of this web site. This section helps you examine your interests and knowledge to arrive at a viable business that you can start.

If you are interested in considering the purchase of a business, go to the Web Business for Sale section. This will point you toward online listings of businesses that are currently for sale. By looking at these listings you will discover types of businesses that are interesting to you, and can be operated from a home office.

For more ideas of home office businesses take a look at Best Online Businesses.  This will give you lists of businesses that are operated in a home office. 

Also, take a look at Best 100 Home Based Businesses. This shows a giant list of businesses, many of which are easily operated in a home office.

The latest ideas for starting a home office job

Consider whether you prefer to make an item to sell or whether you would rather tell someone how to make the item. In other words would you rather bake a cake or tell someone how to bake a cake?  Either type of response, or preference, can be done from home, and online.

If you like making things, consider starting a home business by selling things online that you make.  You may have to experiment by making several, or a lot, of an item and then offering it for sale.  Try selling on Craigslist, Ebay, or another online marketplace.

If you like teaching how to make things, consider preparing a video that teaches how to make an item.  This video can then be placed with YouTube and other teaching websites.  You can get paid by affiliate marketing and other means.

Take a subject you know well and turn it into a home business. If you are experienced as an engineer, a teacher, an accountant, a horse trainer, a tailor, or another occupation consider how you can take your special knowledge and use it to start a home business.

Look for trends that will give your home office job a starting boost. New ways to solve problems, or new problems to solve, can point to a boost in business when you jump in and incorporate these latest trends into your home business.

Look at products that are produced in your locality.  Can you see a way to offer these products online?  Are you experienced at sales?

Consider selling any product online.  It helps for the product to be an item that is trendy, and easy to sell to a growing market.  You don’t want to take delivery of the product yourself, but to simply complete a sale and have the manufacturer or wholesaler fulfill the order.

Look for irritations.  For example, you find selecting and purchasing a car an irritation or problem. Then consider how to offer a service online, perhaps, that can eliminate the irritations of this process. You might be able to enlist existing dealers to allow you to work with customers in a smoother, non-threatening, way.

Hot home office jobs you can start
(Some of the activities below may require special licenses, bonding, insurance, education or other preparations.)

This list can get you thinking about interesting home office jobs you may want to start. Jobs can often be started part time with the idea that they can become full time later.

Design of mobile application software or phone apps: cyber security, retail/commerce, travel, finance, entertainment/gaming/video, transportation, weather extremes, new social medium.

Set-up and operation of social media sites for businesses.

Investment adviser or other special knowledge person providing training or courses for individual investors or other group.

Landscape design specialties: water-saving xeriscapes, bee and butterfly attracting, and other specialty types.

Technology adviser/consultant: solar energy for residential & commercial, wind power system design, internet provider selection, computer and other device sales and service.

Sports agent/adviser/consultant, fitness adviser, wellness instructor.

Operating a rating system to rate commerce & institutions, such as banks, investments, materials suppliers.

Retirement consultant/adviser: prepare clients prior to and after retirement.

Diversity adviser: consult with businesses to assure compliance with diversity statutes and desires.

Photography and layouts for commercial accounts, advertising, and graphics.

Specialty insurance adviser/broker/sales: identity theft, cyber crime, data and information loss.

New device sales and service, or online retail, for 3D printers, electric bicycles.

Pet-related consulting: can you explain to an owner and assist with how to stop a pet from soiling a couch?

Storage: offer storage by the box, in a controlled environment, with security levels, and for special items.

Transportation: providing load solutions for trucking return trips.

Education: webcam-based tutoring, computer-based training.

Specialty cleaning services: forensic sites, building burn sites, water damage, vandalism.

Business start-up and development services: business plan preparation, analysis of business operations.

Market analysis services: determine for a business the feasibility of entering a new market.

Recycling and/or reuse and resale of items & materials: building site waste, retailer trash, technical devices.

Used item specialist: collect used books, special appliances, and/or tech items for resale online.

Broker, online, offering and selling large items such as machine tools, construction equipment, oilfield equipment, commercial HVAC units, and other items for which you offer to and assist buyers.

Farming of oil seeds, grain, specialty crops, and consulting/coordinating the production of such crops.

Vending business selling products other than traditional, such as compact disks, office supplies, slippers, nail polish, etc.

Make and sell handmade goods, such as artwork, cabinets, turned bowls, painted room divider screens.

Cyber-security: monitoring of credit reporting, use of anti-malware & anti-virus, education, physical security

Retail online using existing marketing platforms: YouTube, Etsy, Craigslist, Ebay, and others.