Home Based Business Forums
The 5 Best Home Business Forums

These 5 best home based business forums give you useful home business help and a community where you can feel at home.

There are many good ideas and helpful people on these forum sites. You can learn a lot about home business and small business from the people posting questions, answers, and comments in these forums. Some of the forums listed may not specifically mention home based business, but many business techniques are similar for any type of small business whether home based or not.

You can search these forums for the topics you are interested in. All forums here can be navigated and read without you being a member, unless noted.  Entering posts (inquiries, opinions, or responses) usually requires you to have a forum membership.  The good news is that this membership is almost always free.

It is difficult to learn all about any of these forums in a single sitting.  Don’t become discouraged if you are overwhelmed during your first session with a forum.  You probably need to give yourself several sessions with any forum that is interesting because there are so many threads (topics) and posts to cover, and there are some differences in layouts from one forum to another.

In case you are new to online forums, notice that a forum is a discussion site where conversations take place in the form of posted messages.  You can search forums and simply read them, or you can participate by registering and then posting your own messages and answering forum questions. 

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1) Quora.com 

Quora is a general forum that lets you ask questions and receive super answers to business-related and many other categories of questions. We think this is the most intelligent forum, judging by the often very-thoughtful answers to questions and the level of relevant experience of the authors. Each posting author is identified and there is brief info about their background. 

You can cruise through the posts on a wide variety of topics, but you must be registered (no charge) to post (interact) in this forum. Some forum topics, or Feeds, are on the home page when you first open Quora.  In addition you should add your own categories, such as Home Business, Startup Ideas, and Working at Home.

2) Reddit Entrepreneur

This forum discusses many ideas that can be used for starting a home based business. This is a fast-moving forum with concise questions and comments.  You might find some ideas quite reasonable and helpful, maybe inspiring.

Other areas of Reddit that are good home based business forums are the “SubReddits” of Small Business, Startups, and Inventions.

3) WAHM.com – work at home forums

This is a very large, diverse site focused on working at home, and it has a large forum section. WAHM is an acronym for “work at home moms”, but you can find great home based business forums information even if you don’t fit the acronym.  The main site categories are Work At Home Jobs, Business Opportunities, Articles, Wahm.com Forum, and a Business Directory.

4) Small Business Ideas Forum

The forum of this site is named Small Business Ideas Forum – “A friendly place to share small business ideas and knowledge, ask questions, find help and encourage others that are involved in the small business industry”.  We recommend it as a good site for home business because many of the topics that apply. 

The Forum categories are Small Business Marketing (both online and offline); Generating Revenue, Insurance, Taxes, Etc.; Inspiration & Ideas; General Issues; Small Business Computing; Specialist Website Forums (including Small Business Trends, Free Links, Archives)

In the Inspiration & Ideas section of the forum are lively threads about starting an indoor soccer facility, a feral hog trapping and sales business, help deciding on a business idea, interactive posts with a 27-year-old fellow who is trying to figure what to do next that will make a good living and be very interesting to him.

This is one of our favorite home based business forums.

5) StartupNation

The StartupNation forum has a unique format that (in one incarnation) displays the category directory on the right side.  This forum’s main topic areas include:  Startup Business Basics, Gig Economy, Marketing and Sales, Personal Growth, Finance & Funding, Doing Business on The Web, Like-Minded People, Business Operations, Inventing and Intellectual Property, and Managing Your Business. 

The Like-Minded People topic area includes Women in Business, Veterans, Millennials, Home-Based Businesses, Office Workers, Environmental, and Boomers Back in Business.

Home-Based Businesses has interesting threads such as: Home Business Opportunities for U.S. and Canada, New “done for you” Model for Work at Home Business.

For more forums to consider:  Forums for Business.