Frugal Living Websites

This is our select list of frugal living websites.  The sites are chosen for value in starting a business at home.  We have also made a comparison of online usage to help rank each site.  The most popular are listed first.  If you know of other sites that may be appropriate here, please Contact Us with link info.

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Select List of Frugal Living Websites:

The Simple Dollar

Author Trent Hamm says this is a site for those who need sense and cents, for people fighting debt and bad spending while trying to get to a financially secure future.  His practical approach shows simple ways to manage our finances and save a little money.  He has written a basic personal finance book that is available free.  In this book Trent offers his methods and advice for frugal living, starting a “side business”, and other tips that will help you start a home business.

The Dollar Stretcher Frugal Living, Living Better…for less

The About Us says “we want to help you take control of your money”. Topics include money, food, home, auto, lifestyle, critical condition, age groups. There are numerous articles, some of which you will find helpful in adjusting your life to starting a home business. 

Daily Markets, Helping you save smart, daily!

This is a consumer finance website.  The authors help you do price comparisons of mortgages, insurance, CD rates, and credit cards.  Easy site to navigate.

Living on a Dime, Save money and get out of debt!

The goal of this site is to give inspiration for you to get out of debt and cut your grocery bill, pay off credit cards, and lower your bills.

This is a site for working with home economics including grocery savings, recipes, housekeeping and coupons.  This approach can help a person who has domestic responsibilities with the starting of a home business.

Hillbilly Housewife, Low cost, home cooking from scratch!

Frugal living is the main emphasis of this site author.  She says that food is one fast and easy place to cut expenses.

Living on the Cheap, Because it’s about thriving not just surviving 

This offers readers useful tools for living well on less. It is written by over 20 veteran consumer journalists, with advice on personal finance, lifestyle, technology, health, travel and entertainment. This is a comprehensive and attractive website that presents lots of Daily Deals in an entertaining format.

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