Frugal Living for Singles

Frugal living for singles is designed to help singles live inexpensively and to start a home business.

Frugal living is a mindset that you can develop. You can become more conscious of your income and spending, but you still want to have a life that is fulfilling. Our hope here is to assist you with the thinking that will start you making a frugal life of your own. Starting a home business is one way to improve your personal economy on the income side. Go to Cheap Living for additional information and details about frugal living.

Look at the categories that we all have to spend money on. The 7 categories are food, housing, clothing, transportation, entertainment, health, and savings. To these 7 categories you can consider adding the additional expense of frugally starting a business. Prepare yourself to adapt to inexpensive living with each of these spending categories.

Our description of frugal living for singles below may not fit you or your life. You can adapt some of these suggestions, drop others, and add your own ideas. We hope our suggestions help you think about how you want to have a frugal expression of your own life.

Frugal Living for Singles - Food

Eat simply. Cook your own food. It doesn’t have to be all ramen noodles. Breakfasts can be a cereal and a hot or cold drink. Lunch can be a sandwich or taco or pita, and fruit. Dinner can be a hot all-in-one meal made in a crock pot or a pot on the stove. Some of the easiest meals are simple grains and legumes. You can add ground beef or other meat. Good to have a salad of fresh greens too. Save the left-overs by refrigerating or freezing and use them for a lunch.

Get a cook book, or look up recipes online. Invite a friend or friends and cook a favorite meal for them.

Frugal Living for Singles - Housing

Housing is important to your well-being. You need a place that is safe and secure, but not fancy. You can be a house-mate or apartment-mate or you can rent a house, houseboat, trailer, or other dwelling. If you can afford it you may be able to buy a dwelling with the plan of selling it or renting it out later. If you have an extra room in your dwelling, use Airbnb or other services to rent space to others.


Decent clothing can be found at a thrift store, such as Salvation Army. You may want to consider discount stores such as Target or Walmart for new clothing. You may be able to ask your relatives and maybe friends for cast-offs.


In many cities residents don’t need to own a car or other transportation, since public transportation is so widely available.  In other cities and more rural places a bicycle may be all that you need to get around. If you need an auto occasionally you can rent it. 

If you must have a vehicle to function where you are, look at used vehicles.  A small, used car can be relatively cheap to purchase and to operate. Look at vehicle reliability figures using Google for the models you are interested in buying. To get the usual pricing of used vehicles, look at Kelly Blue Book, Autotrader and NADA. You can have any vehicle checked mechanically before purchase by an independent garage or lemon-buster service.

Frugal Living for Singles - Entertainment

For entertainment many single people rely first on television. You may not need to have cable service in your location, and can instead use your own TV antenna. Small advanced antennas are available that can pull in many channels.

For other kinds of entertainment find deals on the type of entertainment you like. Some museums and galleries have a free day each week. Factory tours are usually free and can be quite interesting. If you are dating, you can find many great inexpensive and no cost activities. A day trip around town or nearby can be an inexpensive and stimulating adventure.


Heath is one of the most important aspects of living. You must maintain your best health to be able to live a full life and to have the energy to operate a profitable business and for other activities. Get health insurance to protect yourself from loss.

Frugal Living for Singles - Savings

Savings is an aspect of frugal living that is often overlooked. Building a savings and investment account from the time you are young can allow you the freedom to buy a business, prepare for emergencies, retire early, and live more confidently.

At first it might seem that in your personal economy there is nothing left for savings. But plan to begin saving a small amount each week or month, just to develop this habit. Start a bank or brokerage account that allows you to save. If you have a job, plan to put an amount into this account when you deposit or cash your paycheck.

Frugal Living for Singles – Home Business

Go to Starting a Business from Home for help with this aspect of frugal living. This page has links to several pages of lists and suggestions for coming up with your ideal business to start.

Other frugal living information is on this site. Check Guide to Living Cheap and Frugal Living Ideas.