Frugal Living Blogs
For Starting a Home Business

This is our select list of frugal living blogs to help you have the time and money to start a business at home.  This list begins with the best and most relevant sites.  If you know of other sites that may be appropriate here, please Contact Us with link info.

We think you will like some of these blogs and find them more appropriate to your interests than others.  Just breezing through them may give you useful ideas and help you to get more frugal in your living. Before you start clicking on these blogs be sure and put this page in your Favorites or Bookmarks to make it easy to find your way back to us.

You can enjoy spending some time with each of these blogs.  Familiarity will help you decide which blogs are the most useful and closest to your interests.

Select List of Frugal Living Blogs:

Wisebread, Living large on a small budget

Operated by a community of bloggers here to share tips that will help you live large without sacrificing your financial independence.  Topics include shopping tips, financial advice, career and money-making ideas, “general adulthood knowhow”.  Their philosophy is “you can have fun saving money”., Digging yourself out of debt, when all you have is a spoon!   

Includes forum and blogs.  Has sections on crafts, do-it-yourself, gardening, frugal living, gift ideas, holidays, mixes, money matters, recipes, tips-n-tricks, landscaping, and scrapbooking.

Tiny House Blog, Living simply in small spaces

Gives ideas for living in a small house, cabin, boat or RV. Topics covered are plans, store, workshop directory, gallery, and links.

Frugal Rules, Freedom through frugality

Billed as a “financial blog for change & freedom”, this site teaches how to make decisions leading to financial freedom. The site covers frugality, investing, best credit cards, and best online brokerages

Little House Living, Making the most with what you have

Home economy orientation covers recipes, living the simple life, frugal living tips, homestead living, make your own gifts and crafts.

Frugal Village, Frugal & Simple Living  

Well-constructed website that includes an endless blog and a large forum.

Some additional blogs that we like are Free from Broke, Cheap RV Living, and Suddenly Frugal.

This concludes our list of Frugal Living BLOGS. Be sure to check our list of Frugal Living WEBSITES for more frugal living ideas.

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