Free Online Business Card Maker
Your Free or Inexpensive Business Card

This page lists several free online business card maker sites. There are many of these free sites for your first business cards. With each you use their online graphics program to create the card. Then you can print it yourself on perforated business card stock or blank card paper that you cut out yourself.

How do they make any money at this? Most offer deals to entice you to create the card and then have them print it. They also make money with paid advertising or affiliate marketing on the site.

Before you go to a business card vendor or attempt to create a business card, consider what info you want to include on the card. Remember to keep it simple. Use a simple font: one that is easy to read.

Just include your name with maybe a title, company name with a byline or slogan, and include your contact info. It should be obvious on your card what you and your company do.

A picture may be worth a thousand words. Including an informative picture as a background or thumbnail can cause more prospects to respond.

Some sites recommend the use a QR code block on the card. You can get this code using the Avery site below.

In any case, keep it simple. A business card is advertising. Include just enough to give a theme and provide basic contact info.

The paper for printing of your business cards at home should be approximately 65 lb stock. The thickness of 65 lb stock is about 3 times as thick as copy paper. Card paper finishes (surfaces) range from matte to semi-matte and gloss.

The best sites for home businesses offer a free online business card maker with printing

Listed below are the free online business card maker sites we recommend and why. Please tell us (Contact Us) if you encounter a problem, or have comments, on any of these free online business card maker sites.

All these sites include free online business card maker templates to give you a “canned” layout that makes a card simple to set up.  All cards that you design on these sites can be printed by you on your home printer.  The files you create are usually compatible for digital printing by the company operating the site, or by another printing company of your choice.

Biz Card Creator

Biz Card Creator is our primary free online business card maker site. This site is best for self-designing of simple cards and self-printing. There are only 16 templates, but they can be heavily customized. You can create and print your own full color cards using any logo, photo or background. 

No registration and no cost to use.
No design software required. A design wizard is used and there is a design tutorial.
Has 16 business card templates or layouts.
Card print size is the US/Canadian/Latin American standard (3.5” x 2”) only.
Allows creating business card starting with one of the templates.
You can upload a photo to include on card.
Allows both sides layout.
Templates may be Avery-compatible (perforated card stock), but no claim is made on this site.
Has 17 font selection, all standard.
Has a gallery of over 1000 simple logos, plus custom logo and slogan generators.
Your own fonts and logos can be employed. Also allows adjustable font size, bolding, & italic.
Has 252 click-on color selections that can also be selected by hex code.
There are 153 background patterns to choose from, or you can use your own.
The site-providing company does not offer to print cards. 
    Design tutorial, no strings attached free designing and self-printing.
    Saving your design does not require registration.
    Large help and support section.
    Well organized site.
    Only 16 templates, some don’t accommodate a logo.
    Can’t move fields around on template, they are fixed.


This is by far the best free online business card maker site for the design of a business card. But the site is (understandably) focused on selling you Avery business card papers. You can, however, use your design and print on blank business card stock at home.

Registration not required, unless you want to save designs on Avery site:  name and email
Download of design software not needed for online designing, but software can be downloaded free.
There are 256 design templates grouped by subject: many artistic, some business and technical.
Templates are selected after specifying an Avery card paper product number.
Card print size is the US/Canadian/Latin American standard (3.5” x 2”) only, on the Avery site linked above.
Allows creating a business card starting with one of the templates, but you can totally modify it.
You can upload photos and data to include, and you can add QR code and bar codes.
Allows both front side and back side layout.
Has 40 standard font selections. You can’t use your own font.
Has about 150 click-on fixed color selections that can also be selected by hex code.
You can print to your own printer or have Avery print.
User-friendly site with many graphic design features: easy to use.
You can save your creation to either the Avery site or to your computer.
    There are other products, such as labels, that can also be designed and printed.
    Graphic modifications include circular text and other great features.
    Necessary to pick out a perforated paper style, but can print at home on any plain paper.
    Avery does not provide a template with cutting marks.
    Site understandably designed to sell Avery products.

Business Card Star  

Good free online business card maker site with 9 free-to-print templates available. The site encourages you to use their printing services.

Registration is encouraged, but not required. Registration is simply email and password.
Download of design software not required.
There are 100 business card templates, or layouts, in 8 categories.
Of the above templates only 9 are free of all charges, and are labeled “Free to Print at Home”.
Company charges $10 for using a “standard design” to print at home.
Card print size is the US/Canadian/Latin American standard (3.5” x 2”) only.
European sizes of cards, but only the artwork is available, no printing by this company.
You can create business card designs starting with one of the templates.
You can upload photo to include on card, but it costs extra, and not for home printing.
Allows both sides layout.
Templates are Avery card paper-compatible.
Has 11 font selection, font size can be changed, and line position can be changed.
Your own font can’t be used.
Color selection includes 75 colors. Color selections are confined to 4 aspects of card face.
Can send average resolution artwork generated to email address
High res artwork is available for $10. Saved as 600dpi CMYK .TIF file, for use by commercial printer.
    Helpful how-to videos for design. 
    Commercial printing of cards available only for US and Canada.