Creative Home Based Business Ideas

Creative home based business ideas can be found in numerous publications and web sites. We have selected several below to give you inspiring ideas and to help you expand your search in the direction of your interests.

When you are a student and listen to teachers or professors drone on about what is known or believed to exist, you can become convinced that you cannot create anything new. But the world is always in need of things, and therefore, new business ideas. And the world will pay you for your good or great solution to a problem.

When you read publications, both online and in print, look for problems, changes in the world, changes in economies of countries, etc. These are possible opportunities for something new. Look for something that interests you and learn about it. Discover how you can turn it into a business.

Some of these creative home based business ideas in the list below are probably quite different from anything you would seriously consider. Some may be almost shocking. Others may seem worth considering. 

Some of these creative home based business ideas may be costly to start by their very nature. So creativity is often essential in the starting and financing of a non-traditional business.

Here is our list of creative home based business ideas:

Carbon capture business: removes CO2 from an emitter company and makes it into useful products

Health insurance broker for small businesses/employees: finds cheaper health insurance

Anti-hacking service for businesses, or business security consultant: IT background needed

Artificial Intelligence and software: can you use it to replace boring tasks?

Menu item planning for chain restaurants to incorporate fresh foods, such as in the Chipotle menu

Online sales of heavy trucks and construction equipment: no inventory requirement

Crowdfunding consulting: arrange crowdfunding for aspiring entrepreneurs

Supply protective garments and equipment to hospitals and workers for use with viruses (zika, ebola)

Recycle electronics, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, odd metals, odd plastics, etc.

Autonomous cars can create a need for services using a fleet of these vehicles

Green consultant for companies: find ways to be more environmentally friendly and energy efficient

Child care on off hours like Saturday afternoons

Warehousing and shipping of e-commerce goods

Capture and removal of feral hogs and other undesirable creatures in neighborhoods, with customers such as homeowner’s associations (HOAs) and municipalities

Online selling of health “tricorders”, electric cars, scanning smartphones, 3D printers, agricultural robots, and other new devices

Internet of Things (IoT) industrial, engineering, smart buildings, smart cities

Do the next thing that Elon Musk will do, before he does it.

Mobilize a fixed location business by putting it into a van and bringing it to customers: this is being done for food, signs, repairs, services such as veterinary, and more.


Think about emotional drivers of change, fear, lust, anger, greed, sympathy, etc. You may notice people experiencing these emotions. Can you use this to fire up your creativity to start a business that will improve lives?

We are on the threshold of quantum changes in transportation (including personal and mass transportation), protection and security, working and jobs. Can you create a business that at least partly embraces these changes?

An invention is a creative idea. See Patenting an Idea for turning your invention idea into a home business.

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