Cheap Home Business Ideas

We have selected great and cheap home business ideas for you to consider. 

These are businesses that require a minimal expense to get started. Some may require some specialized knowledge or experience. Some may require certifications, or other qualifications.

An inexpensive (cheap) home business can be a smart way to employ yourself at home or from home. The “cheap” part is not a negative. It just means that a sizeable investment is not required in order to set up your home business.

Cheap home business ideas
that can be mostly in your home

Producing food: confections, baking, jams & jellies, condiments, meals ready to eat

Child care: check for any local licensing requirement

Elder care: check for any local licensing requirement

Transcription service: medical, legal, other professional

Billing service and other services to businesses

Massage therapy

Music teacher


Crafting: make craft items of scrap materials and sell at fairs and other gatherings

Online consignment vendor of handmade items: quilts, jewelry, small crafts

Trucking dispatcher, finding loads for truckers that would otherwise return empty to home base area

Writer of various types of publications, including online

Cheap home business ideas
where a vehicle is available for the business

Provide grocery pickup and delivery service

Work as a ride-hailing service driver such as Lyft, Uber, and others

Cleaning of various types:  new construction, established residences, commercial buildings

Mowing and care of lawns:  look for newly-built neighborhoods, new residents

Appliance refurbishment and sales: buy discard appliances from major retailers, repair and sell in paper.

Lobby route, supplying popcorn, cookies and coffee to lobbies of banks, doctors and other businesses

Party planning

Recycling construction scrap and cast-offs: most building construction jobs discard “waste”

Translator, for those that are bilingual and proficient at the grammar of their languages

Painting interiors and exteriors of buildings, other structures and smaller items

Windshield repair

Contract assembly of components: electrical, mechanical and other assembly where hand tools are used.

Cheap home business ideas
that require specialized knowledge

Write business plans as a business plan consultant, help new businesses get started

Tablet and phone repair

Interior design of homes

Website and graphics designer

Online course instructor

Software trainer for accounting, CAD, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint

Local internet marketing consultant

Phone app writer/designer

Property management: helps to know construction, accounting, other business functions, and have people skills

Real estate sales: check on licensing requirement

To find your ideal cheap home business, go to Starting a Business From Home. This page gives you an organized way to find a business that suits you best.

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