Business Internet Startup
The Easiest Recipe

In this page you will find a business internet startup recipe for setting up the easiest type of web site, a free information site. We will spell out the steps to use in setting up an info site that makes you money with affiliate links. That means you get paid when visitors click on links to sites where they buy information or products. Nothing easier!

You won’t have to buy and store inventory, since you will deal only with online operations in this business. The only costs are your time and the small costs to set up a web site. The dollar cost can be less than $50, not including computer and accessories.

For any type of business internet startup you need a good office computer system with internet connection, software and printer. If you already have a computer system, or most of it, don’t go out and buy more stuff unless you are sure you will need it. To see what the current “good” office computer system is check online, and also with large retailers, such as Best Buy or Costco. Your system can be a laptop or a desktop, but it ought to be comfortable for you to use for several hours at a time. 

As far as software for your system is concerned, you can probably get by with a word-processing program and a spreadsheet program. The two that I prefer are Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. These cost about $140 together.  You can instead use free software that does the same things. Apache Open Office is a free suite of programs that include great word-processing and spreadsheet modules.

In our recipe for a business internet startup below you are given brief directions for getting started earning money online. This covers online activities that may be totally new to you. There may a lot to learn. You may have to study some of these activities and websites for a time to understand what to do. Don’t get discouraged. You can do this. If you get lost, back up and run through it again. Patience and perseverance will win every time.


The Business Internet Startup Recipe

1.      Decide what the theme of your site will be and make sure it is a niche with good profit potential.

2.      Find a high-profit affiliate product family.

3.      Set up a keyword-centered website.

4.      Write page content that pre-sells customers and sends them to affiliate offers.

5.      Generate traffic to your site.

We will explain each of the Recipe items next. It is presented as simply as possible. We usually give only one source or method, just to keep it simple. You can find alternative sources and methods online for all our steps. For a more comprehensive approach, click on our book suggestions at page bottom.

You may also consider creating multiple websites using this same recipe for each site.  Multiple websites help broaden and strengthen your website business.

1. To decide on the theme of your first business internet startup site, go to our page Ideas for a Home Business.  As you consider ideas for your home business niche (specialty), you need to find out the profitability, competition and demand potentials of each prospective niche keyword.

These ideas or words you generate to describe your home internet business startup are called keywords. A keyword can be one actual word or a phrase with several words. The longer keywords, 3+ actual words, or phrases, are better candidates for profitability because they usually have a smaller amount of competition.

Examples of niche keywords are: unmanned aerial vehicles, tall women’s fashions, self-driving autos, vegetarian recipes, coal art, 3D printing, and specialty crops. We are going to show you how to select and test potential niche keywords.

To test for keyword profitability, go to Google Keyword Planner and sign up. Set the Planner for Exact Match keywords. Enter a niche keyword and get back a list of 100 related keywords. In addition you will get other columns of information next to the column of 100 keywords. Of these columns keep Global Monthly Searches (GMS) and Average Cost per Click (CPC), eliminating Local Monthly Searches. You can download this table of numbers into a spreadsheet and then create a profit column. The profit column is an estimate of the profit potential for each of your keywords when they rank in first position in a Google search. The third column to enter is Profit Potential = GMS * CPC * .42 * .68 * .04. The numbers are as follows: .42 is % of visitors landing on any #1-ranking website, .68 is % of CPC paid by Google, and .04 is % of visitors clicking on any ad. Profit potential for a keyword is sufficient when it is at least $50, or Google Keyword Planner lists 50 to 100 exact searches per month.

To test for keyword competition, download the Google Chrome browser which puts the SEO key on screen, top, right. Test each potential keyword by entering it into Google search. Check each of the first 5 results of your search (skip the paid entries) for Google PageRank (PR) by clicking the search result entry and then the SEO dropdown. These result entries should have a PageRank of PR 3 or lower. So if these first 5 results are either PR 0, 1, 2, or 3, the keyword you entered is competitive. If your results are PR 4, or more, the keyword has too much competition and it can cost you too much time and effort to make money with it.

To test for keyword demand, go to Clickbank Marketplace to find profitable niche keywords.  Acceptable keywords have 3 or more Clickbank products listed. 

A keyword that passes the above 3 tests is a good candidate for your niche keyword, the theme of your new business internet startup site.  Next we will check this keyword for affiliate marketing potential.

2. Find a high-profit affiliate product or product family with one of the major affiliate marketing programs.  Try for 3 to 5 products with profitability of at least $50 per month for each. You can search for and learn about these product offerings and affiliate programs at the websites listed below. Now, select appropriate affiliate products to sell on the business internet startup site you will build next.  If you are not able to find suitable products related to your keywords, then go back to “1” above and do another keyword search.

                        Amazon affiliate program


                        Commission Junction

                        Share a Sale

3. Set up a keyword-centered business internet startup site.  First use the primary keyword you have found in “1” above to form a domain name. This will be your new website address: Then check whether this name is in use at You can add words to your keyword-based domain name to make it unique. But the simpler the domain name, the better. And always use only the “.com” suffix.  You may have to use a long-tail keyword for this site address to adjust keyword competition and uniqueness, such as Avoid using dashes when you compose your domain name.

Then register the domain name you have selected and tested at, it is about $12 for a year.  Purchase web hosting at GoDaddy, it costs about $7 per month.  Edit the name servers at your domain registrar ( to inform the domain registrar where your site will be hosted (GoDaddy).  Install WordPress for composing website content and other features. Install free Google Analytics, in order to monitor your web visitors.

Take the affiliate products found in step 2 above and sign up as an affiliate marketer for each product.  Apply for a Google AdSense account. Also sign up with Amazon Affiliates.

4. Write great page content for your business internet startup site that pre-sells customers and sends them to affiliate offers. Each page (article) should be 500-1000 words and be centered on the main keyword. The title of the article must contain this keyword and you must use the keyword about 4 times in the page content.  In addition, use 3 to 4 related keywords in the article. All this makes each page keyword-centered.  Concentrate on making the content pages very useful to your website customers. Your page content should be original information generated by you, and must be great, aside from any of your monetary considerations.

Begin by creating your home page first, based on your niche keyword.  This is the most important page of your web site.

Using your list of keywords generated in #1 (keyword profitability) above, you are going to write 10 to 20 pages of content, each using a keyword, as explained just above.  Start with the best keywords, those that have the most money-making potential.  Link pages so that the information flows naturally.

Add at least 1 image per page. You can get free images from Amazon when you have joined as an associate.  Better yet, you can snap your own original pictures, or get them free from government and other free sites, such as Morguefile. Google for “free images for websites”.

In addition to content pages you will need to set up site administrative pages.  These include standard pages named About, Contact, Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions. Get example ideas for these pages from other sites. And don’t copy, but create them to fit your own needs.

Now set up affiliate links for each of your pages. Start with Google AdSense, Amazon Affiliates, and other affiliate sites appropriate to your theme.

5. Generate traffic to your business internet startup site. Establish quality back-links to these content pages. Back-links are referrals from other sites to your pages. Back-links are an important method of starting traffic flowing to your website. You need half of these back-links to go to your main page (home page) and the other half divided among your other best pages.

Start by writing emails to 50 owners of related websites. Get their email addresses from their sites you find by searching Google using your best keywords.

Write keyword-centered articles for article directories and always place a link to your appropriate web page after your signature at the end of the article. Submit these articles to article directories such as eZine Articles, Go Articles, and Infobarrel.

Write articles and comments for forums and blogs using your keywords. Link these keywords to your site. Examples of these forum and blog sites are Hubpages, Lifehacker, and many others.

If you have followed our recipe above you should be operating a simple business internet startup.

Download the inexpensive Amazon ebooks by Mike Omar and Steve Scott shown at the bottom of this page.  These books use methods similar to the simple startup recipe above.

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