Business Directories Online

Business directories online are websites or sections of websites. They are a listing of businesses and include name, address, phone number, product or service offered and other information. Some of these directories are yellow-page type listings, others are more detailed and specialized.

These listings can be used to purchase business services, merchandise, components and everything else you may need. 

Business directories can also be a great part of your marketing efforts. You can list your home business or online business in Google and in other websites that function as directories. Most of these listings are at no cost to you. Just set them up.

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Hubspot lists 50 business directories for local marketing. You can get your online business found by adding your listing to many directories and updating them periodically. The first directories in their list are:

Google Business Center

Bing Local

Yelp Local

Merchant Circle

LinkedIn Company

Yellow Pages




City Search


Yahoo lists 89 online directories by popularity including:

Bing lists many business directories including:

Some of the business compendiums that we have used for technical business products and services are:

This page has introduced you to business directories on the internet where you can find items to sell in your online business, guidance for selecting sub-contractors to make or process products, free services, business supplies and a lot more.  Be sure to take advantage of the wealth of directories. They can give you business ideas and help you operate your internet business.

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