101 Best Home Based Businesses

Below is my list of 101 best home based businesses with an indication of the cost of entry, growth prospects, and competition. Please note that all numbers below are estimates. You will have to do your own research to determine more appropriate cost estimates and other details for your proposed business.

Keys Used in List
of 101 Best Home Based Businesses

Cost of Entry key:  $ = $0 to $5000, $$ = $6000 to $20k, $$$ = $25k to $100k, $$$$ = $105k to $250k.  This is the estimated amount of investment you will need to get started. You may also need to add to this dollar number an additional amount, say 20%, for working capital. This will be used to fund your business bank account.

Growth Prospects key:  G = 1-10%, GG = 11-20%, GGG = 21-30%, GGGG = 31-40%. These numbers represent annual percentage of increase in sales.

Competition key:  C = few competitors, CC = medium, CCC = many competitors.

I’ve divided this list of 101 home based businesses into 3 categories. All are adaptable to being home businesses. The offsite category includes businesses, such as consulting, where you are based at home but perform a service elsewhere. 

There are thousands of types of home based businesses. This list is only a small part of what already exists. New types are added all the time. You might find several interesting suggestions in this list that you can put your own spin on. Your own spin, or your unique product benefits, can be rewarded by growth and profits. This list of 101 best home based businesses is mostly for use as an idea starter.

ONLINE Part of List
of 101 Best Home B
ased Businesses
(operated mostly online and in the home) 

                        Drop ship merchandizing (e-store), general $,G,CC          

                                    Specialized clothing $, GG, C

                                    Custom skateboards and surfboards $, G, C

                                    Video games $, GG, CC

                                    Auto components $$, G, CCC

                                    Costumes $, G, C

                                    Hunting & fishing equipment $, GG, CC

                                    Phones and other electronics $, G, CC

                                    Niche bookstores $, G, CCC

                                    DJ equipment $, G, CC

                                    Cell phone accessories, $, G, CCC

                                    Lawn & garden items, $, G, CC

                                    Niche sporting goods, $, GG, CCC

                                    Nutritional products $, G, CCC

                        IT services, general $$, GGG, CCC

                                    Web site design $, GG, CCC

                                    Web site hosting $$, GG, CCC

                                    Software, custom, and support $$, GGG, CC

                                    SEO business $$, GG, CCC

                        Computer drafting and engineering services $$, GG, CCC

                        Computer based games development and sales $, GGGG, CCC

                        Ebay, Amazon, Buy.com and other e-commerce $$, G, CCC

                        Fitness training online service $$, G, CCC

                        Custom education courses and course software $$$, GG, CC

                        Sales of online education, $, GG, CCC

                        Online banks and banking services $$, GG, CC

                        Freight dispatching service $, GG, CC

                        Movie distribution service $, G, CCC

                        Travel and relocation services $, G, CCC

                        3D design and printing services $$$, GG, CC

                        Retail of business & consumer goods online (from your inventory) $$, G, CC

                                    Computer network products $$, G, CCC

                                    Sports products $$, GG, CCC

                                    Food products (not produced in home) $, G, CC

                                    Home accessories $$$, G, CCC

                                    Tractor parts $$$$, GG, C

                                    Work boots $$$, G, CC

                        Sales lead generation $, GG, CC

                        Mobile phone text message marketing set up service $, GG, CC

                        Social networking business $$$, GG, CC

                        Travel agency $$, G, CC

                        Travel advertising $, G, CC

                        Software application program sales $$,GG, CC

                        Child-oriented website for parents $$, GGG, C

                        Marketing lists and market data sales $$, GG, CC

                        Online insurance brokerage $$, GGG, CC

                        Credit repair service $$, G, CCC

                        Medical equipment auction site $$$, GGG, C

OFFLINE Part of List
of 101 Best Home Based Businesses
(operated mostly offline and at home) 

                        Gift basket assembly and delivery $, G, CC

                        Personnel agency, including technical personnel $$, G, CC

                        Machine shop $$$, G. CC

                        Welding and metal fabrication $$, G, CC

                        Lawn mower and small appliance repair $$, G, CC

                        Engraving of signs and trophies $$, G, CC

                        Sign making, electrical and un-lit $$, G, CC

                        Wood furniture and novelties fabrication, $$, G, CC

                        Auto repair $$$, G, CCC

                        Auto sales $$, G, CCC

                        Pet products $$, G, CCC

                        Beauty services $, G, CCC

                        Personal fitness trainer (in-home gym) $$, G, CCC

                        Printing services $$, G, CCC

                        Product development and inventing $$, GG, C

                        T-shirt and garment printing and embroidery $$, G, CCC

                        Custom fashion design and fabrication $$, G, CCC

                        Elder care and day care in home, $$, G, CC

                        Child and infant day care $$, G, CCC

                        Massage therapy, $, G, CCC

                        Physical therapy $$, GG, CC

                        Food product prep with online sales $$, G, CC

                        Printer ink refilling $, G, CCC

OFFSITE Part of List
of 101 Best Home Based Businesses
(operated from the home) 

                        Building cleaning services $$, G, CCC

                        Food, grocery and goods purchasing and delivery, $, G, CC

                        Paid shopper $, G, CC

                        Mystery shopper $, G, C

                        Physical fitness coach $, G, CC

                        Consulting of many types $, G, CC

                                    Financial advisor $, G, CC

                                    Accounting and income tax advisor $, G, CC

                                    Engineering, general $, G, CC

                                                Mechanical design $, G, CC

                                                Electrical design $, G, CC

                                                Chemical engineering $, G, CC

                                    Land surveying $, G, CC

                        Business Coaching $, G, CC

                        Real estate or rental property management $, G, CC

                        Home repair and remodeling $$, G, CCC

                        Mobile RV repair $$. G, CC

                        Lawn sprinkler installation and repair $$, G, CCC

                        Swimming pool maintenance, repair, and chemicals $$, G, CCC

                        Mobile food service $$, G, CCC

                        Lawn and garden care services $$, G, CCC

                        Tree and shrub trimming $$, G, CCC

                        Brush removal, $$, G, CCC

                        Hauling service $$, G, CCC

                        Moving service $$, G, CCC

                        Septic tank cleaning service $$, G, CCC

                        Air conditioning & heating services $$$, G, CCC

                        Roofing services $$, G, CCC

                        Food preparation in homes $, G, CC

                        Wedding planning and preparation $, G, CC

                        Party planning $, G, CC

                        Garment alteration services $, G, CC

                        House sitting $, G, CC

                        Pet sitting and other pet services $, G, CC

                        Vending machine service $$$, G, CCC

                        Business broker $$, G, CC

                        Real estate broker $, G, CCC

                        Security system business $$$, GG, CC

                        Bar & restaurant profit management service $$, GG, CC

Suggestions for Discovering a Home Business for Yourself
 101 Best Home Based Businesses Is Not Enough

The list of 101 best home based businesses may not include anything that appeals to you. But we hope that it has some ideas that you can adapt to your interests. Below are some other ways to discover your business idea.

To decide on a business, or to develop a business idea, first consider your interests, any hobbies, and your fun activities. Consider any educational and work background that you have. Make lists. Look back through the above list. Think about what you want for yourself.

Look locally for businesses that make a product or provide a service and make arrangements with them to pay you for sales you independently generate for them. Also look locally for raw materials or components that you could use to make a product. Your sales efforts can be entirely online using your own web site or a service like eBay. 

Look locally for growing firms or industries and find out what products or services they need that you can provide efficiently. Info for these types of businesses may be found on local TV, local publications and by talking with business people and others.

Consider the latest trends in technology, art, communications, real estate and any subjects that interest you. Look at advertising that appears on the media. See what new and interesting items you can find. Consider working with these products or services by making them and/or selling them.

Look for unwanted or low cost production equipment that you can turn into a business. Look for businesses that have closed or are going out of business. Sometimes a room full of equipment is available at a very low price and this deal may get you started in a business.

Search businesses that are for sale. See our page Web Business for Sale. Find there the web sites listed for all types of businesses, not just web-based.

Thank you for visiting 101 Best Home Based Businesses.  There are more ideas for businesses to start at cheap home business ideas, top 10 home business ideas, and creative home based business ideas.